Sunday, June 22, 2008

Zak Claxton at SL5B -- Friday 6/27, 8:00

Zak "practices" at the main stage site for the upcoming SL5B celebration.

Well, I'm excited to be playing next Friday at Second Life's fifth birthday celebration, SL5B. I'll be up on the main stage at 8:00PM SLT (same as Pacific Daylight Time, for the uninitiated) on 6/27.

You can visit the live music stage (located in the special group of sims that were built for the celebration) from any other the four SLUrls below:

SW side: Second Life Birthday
SE side: SL5B Physical
NE side: SL5B Phantom
NW side: SL5B Hippos

The party holds up to 400 people, so come on over and let's have a great time! By the way, live performers and DJs will be playing all week long, so enjoy the whole thing starting Monday 6/23!

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