Saturday, September 13, 2008

Woe is Me; No ISP

Howdy folks! Here's a rare post on the ZakBlog in that it has nothing to do with any show I played, or with SL at all. Or does it?

My move 50 feet to the south went tremendously well. Been here for ten days, love the new place. Everything we needed to have transferred -- TV, phone, electricity, all that stuff -- came over fine. Oh, but with one small exception; my Internet. See, I'd spent about a decade under a particular service provider for my DSL line, but apparently the immense coordination needed to change my address from #D to #A on the same street was too much for them to handle. After days and days of cajoling, negotiating, being transferred into endless loops of phone trees and customer service people and tech support and installation specialists and level 2 technicians, along with a new modem and more, I still didn't ever get my DSL service restored at the new place.

So, after ten days of being on their outsourced phone support, I finally gave up, and contacted Verizon to come out and install a FiOS system in my new home. I ordered a pretty speedy up/downstream package, so when I do get up and running again, it should be smoking fast and cool. Of course, it'll be until Saturday 9/20 before fiber is gloriously running to my home, so that's yet another week of me being out of SL.

Therefore, my next certain show will be Monday 9/22, at my usual spot (Crystal Sands) at 5:00PM. See you there!

P.S. In case you're thinking to yourself, "Wait. He has no ISP. How is he updating his blog?" there's a very simple answer. And that answer, my friends, is that I've resorted to maliciously purloining the spare bandwidth of a trusting neighbor. I am a cad and a scoundrel. Can you now see the depths to which they've driven me? Can you?

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Jess Smith said...

Miss ya in world, Zak. Can't wait to see you and the new Californian Kat at trivia on Sunday.

As for 'stealing' internet for the time-being - it's their fault for not having it security enabled. :)