Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sitting in San Francisco

My real life self is in San Francisco at the moment. I've got some time to kill... it's too early to head to the airport (my flight's not for another three hours) and too late to do anything else. So, I thought I'd drop a blog in for my faithful followers. Do I have followers? I don't know. It's lonely in here. Hello? Hello?

Anyway, I'm in the lobby of the Hilton Union Square, her on O'Farrell Street, in the heart of downtown. I was here in the City for the past few days, attending a trade show for my silly industry of professional audio. I really do love San Francisco, but like most great cities of the world, it's a lot easier to appreciate when you're with someone. This being a business trip, I was traveling alone, and while I like myself well enough, it's quite possible to get sick of yourself as it is with any other person who you've spent way too much time with. So, myself and I are anxious to get back to LA, where we can have other people to talk to.

More on topic for this blog, I have my weekly show at Crystal Sands tomorrow, and it's a strange world where performing in a virtual world has become my definition of "normal". But it's true. I am definitely looking forward to getting back home, and playing some guitar for my avatar fans tomorrow evening.

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