Monday, March 2, 2009

A demo and a write-up

Howdy, friends. A couple of small news items to start this week. First, I finished the demo for my newest song "Come Around", and as has been the case for the last few tunes, I captured it for the first time using the not-very-high-tech method of turning on my computer's built-in movie recorder and playing it live in one take. I'm going into the studio on March 21, and this will be one of the songs I'm going to do with the full Zak Claxton band that day.

So, there's a demo. Keep in mind that a demo is merely a sketch of the song, and also helps you give other musicians the basic concept of the tune before recording it "for real". Hopefully soon you'll hear the version from the studio, with a full musical arrangement and so on. Sometimes it's fun being aware of the "before/after" aspect of the recording studio. I hope you enjoy it.


In other news, as you read here just a couple of days ago, I played at the closing of Crystal Sands on Saturday 2/28. As I mentioned, despite the sadness of the reason for the occasion, there was some really good music coming off the stage that day, from a number of SL musicians. I felt really good about my performance that day, and directly after the show, JamesT Juno messaged me to tell me he'd liked my performance a lot, and wanted to write about it in one of Second Life's most popular publications, SL Newspaper.

Here's the article, if you want to see. You can check out all of the SL news at In an increasingly common case of media mirroring, the article links to this very blog, which I've just linked back to the article. Will we go round in circles, as the song says?

Anyway, I greatly appreciate the coverage from James and his publication. I'd rather not have to play venues that are closing to get a little press, of course! But mostly, I think James heard in my voice that I was honestly sad about the place closing down, and channelled that emotion into my performance that day. Thanks again to them for recognizing that.

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