Monday, March 16, 2009

Random Rant: Sickness sucks

Yup, it sucks to be sick. In other statements by the Master of the Obvious, the sky is blue and grass is green.

I had to miss a show yesterday... was scheduled to play at The Notes Shack. But after going to bed feeling dandy on Friday night, I awoke on Saturday morning feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. No rhyme or reason... I just felt like hell, and have been more or less feeling crappy ever since. Things got a little better after Saturday (which had me curled in a ball and shaking when I wasn't in the bathroom), but I am far from my usual happy self.

Anyway, I can't even pinpoint what's wrong with me. I guess this is stuff that generally lumped in as "flu", though that's what we tend to call any random virus that's not a head cold. I'm weak and shaky, my joints hurt, and my digestive system seems out of whack as well. Sunday rolled around and there was no way I could summon the energy to play a typical Zak Claxton show. So here we are at Monday, I'm up before dawn to get some work done, and lemme tell you; it's like climbing a mountain made of molasses while carrying a 100-pound weight. But I'm here, I'm alive for the time being, and I'm going to try and work so I can at least get my mind off this crap and stop feeling so sorry for myself. I mean, I can already tell you that this is a blog post I probably won't want to read in the future, with all this self-pity and whining and stuff.

To end this miserable moment on a high note, I will be performing for Relay for Life on late Wednesday afternoon, have a show at VIBE HQ on Friday, am going into the studio on Saturday, and have already scheduled a make-up date for The Notes Shack. As you can tell, I'm planning on this thing getting out of my system quickly, so wish me luck with that.

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