Saturday, June 20, 2009

Zak's Debut at the Broken Rocker (06.20.09)

I was playing awhile back, and after my show, as happens occasionally, I was contacted by someone who was interested at having me perform at their venue. Despite my fair level of involvement in the SL music community, I'm not always up to date on all the places out there to play. And, to be realistic, there are hundreds and hundreds of them, just as there are musicians who do their thing in SL. One can't be expected to know them all. So, the first thing I did was to check out this place, the Broken Rocker. It seemed cool, and the folks who contacted me (Kat Keen and Horre Darkfold) seemed nice. So we set today as a date to play, and I'm glad we did.

Didn't have a huge crowd. At the time I was playing (noon on a Saturday), there were roughly 10,000,000 other shows happing at the same time. But the folks who were there were great. We really had some fun, and I think the music was pretty damn good today. My voice was working for me -- surprising at a relatively early show. So I dug it. Plus, we pulled out some Dylan that I've meant to do for a long time. I'm not much of a Dylan guy, surprisingly, but every so often, it's the right thing to do... especially if you find yourself standing around with a Martin guitar and a harmonica on your neck. :)

The set list du jour...
This Afternoon (Zak Claxton)
Thanks Anyway (Zak Claxton)
Any Major Dude (Steely Dan)
*Tangled Up In Blue (Bob Dylan)
Always Tomorrow (Zak Claxton)
Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)
You're Like a Cloud (Zak Claxton)
California (Joni Mitchell)
Ohio (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)
Waiting for This (Zak Claxton)
Falling Down (Zak Claxton)

*Indicates first time I've played this song in SL

Thanks so much to the folks who helped support my show today!
Shellie Sands, Gracie Kendal, Rozie Violet, Lunarayne Sassower, Kat Claxton, and especially Kat Keen and Horre Darkfold!

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