Friday, October 9, 2009 on Zak and the SL music scene

Zak Claxton and the Business of Music in the Metaverse

I awoke today to a nice surprise, in the form of a note in my Facebook account telling me I'd been written about in, a somewhat new but pretty impressive blog on "studying how virtual worlds change our politics, policy, and culture." the writer, Max Burns, is young but obviously is drawing a serious journalistic background. It's safe to say that his writing quality is a head or two above the typical virtual blog creator.

I happened to run into Max on Facebook, and when I heard the theme of his blog, I mentioned conversationally that what I was doing in my music career seemed to be in the vein of his blog, in that my music career integrates aspects of both my real life and my Second Life. He seemed interested in this, and after a couple of back-and-forth notes, he put together the article linked above.

It's exciting for me to get some coverage on the way that I'm going about building my base of fans, and taking advantage of tools that were inconceivable to an independent musician less than a decade ago. There's no proof that what I'm doing is working just yet, but I think it's at least interesting enough to make for a compelling story.

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