Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ZC CDs: we are shipping them!

It's true, it's true. As seen in my video from Monday 12/7, after a bit of a wait (hee hee) we received the CDs of the Zak Claxton album late on Monday, and then on Tuesday 12/8, Kat and I shipped out the first batch of pre-orders. It was pretty cool... printing out mailing labels, autographing the discs that had been requested as such, and then packaging them up and taking them over to the post office. We even saw the truck pull up shortly thereafter, presumably to carry my discs away to various places all over the country, perchance to be enjoyed by people who dig the Zak Tunes.

We took one extra copy of the album with us, for a special purpose. After we finished with the post office, we walked over to the Bean Counter coffee house, the place where we're holding our album release party on Friday night (12/11). Once we got a caffeinated drink in our hands, we handed the staff the CD and asked them to play it over their sound system. They did, and Kat and I sat back and listened to the album in its entirety while sipping our drinks. We had them keep the volume relatively low; it was a mellow afternoon and I didn't want to blast my rock tunes at the people who were trying to use their laptops and read their books and so on. But even played quietly, it sounded terrific. We've got realy high hopes, both for the release party and beyond.

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