Saturday, January 30, 2010

My second radio airplay

Terrestrial radio, that is. Once again, host John Maycumber of 89.9 WJCT's show "String Theory" was nice enough to give my song "Falling Down" a spin on his show. We got the tip ahead of time that I'd be on, so we camped out next to the computer and listened live. It's a pretty indescribable feeling, hearing a song you wrote and sang and played being broadcast over the airwaves.

Here's a short audio clip of the start/end of the song, with the back announcement.

As I mentioned last time I got played on terrestrial radio, I need to clarify this hoopla by mentioning that I get played almost every day on terrific Internet radio stations that focus on SL artists, like IndieSpectrum Radio and SL Live Radio. But there is something really special about knowing your stuff is being transmitted over the airwaves via big antennae.

Kat and I, in our roles of the owners of Frothy Music, are starting to get the album out to a wider variety of terrestrial and Internet radio stations around the world, so hopefully you'll soon be able to hear me live over the airwaves in your town.

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