Monday, May 10, 2010

A busy and exciting week

Happy Monday! Actually, if you're reading this on Facebook, it's "Happy whatever day this post appeared on Facebook even though Zak wrote and posted it to his blog on Monday!", but that doesn't sound nearly as snappy.

In any case, it's a busy week, and I thought that since I might not have too may opportunities to be blogging away over the next seven days, so here's a little preview of what's likely to happen.

Monday May 10
Er... well, it's not the highlight of the week. It's Monday, and most of my day is going to be filled with work-related activities. If you're really curious, that would involve writing content, updating web sites and social nets for my clients, and various things and stuff I do to earn a living. But since all work and no play makes Zak a dull boy, I also updated the Zak Claxton site to highlight the big festivities for this coming Saturday (see below for details).

Tuesday May 11
We'll get this day rolling with a 9am roundtable discussion with Linden Lab about the Second Life live music community. Should be interesting, and hopefully productive. Later on, speaking of Live Music in SL, I'll be performing at Illusion at 2PM SLT. Here's your SLurl:

Wednesday May 12
I'm returning to the Pond at 4PM to do a full hour of all-original music. Why all original? Because the show is being simulcast on FCMC Radio. Your SLurl... if you can't attend the show, you can still listen in at FCMC's live stream:

Thursday May 13
Ah, a day of getting work stuff done and general preparation for the weekend. I'll do a post later this week that explains how one prepares for a recording session. It's not as magical or mystical as some might think.

Friday May 14
I have this accidental tradition where I end up playing a live show the day before a recording session. Like, almost every single time. And I never TRY to book a show on that random day; it just happens like magic. Trip out on this...

Fri March 28 2008: I had a previously scheduled show at our COYOTE club.
Sat March 29 2008: First session for the first ZC album ("This Afternoon", "Falling Down").

Fri June 27 2008: I perform at SL5B... twice.
Sat Jun 28 2008: Second session for the ZC album ("You're LIke a Cloud", "Thanks Anyway").

Fri March 20, 2009: Live at the Vibe HQ.
Sat March 21, 2009: Fourth session for the ZC album ("Waxing Gibbous", "Lines on your Eyes", "Come Around").

That's just a few examples. There are more. In each case, I hadn't at all planned on doing a show the day before my session, but it's a good way to warm up, and all sessions where this happen to work out went very well. Why screw with a good thing? That having been said, I got randomly booked to play at Dubai at 1:30PM on Friday 5/14, and play I shall!

Saturday May 15
The REALLY big day. As mentioned earlier, I'm going to the studio to start work on the next album. We're doing two tunes: "Shine" and "Time Never Waits for You". Also, you'll be able to watch the entire recording session with a fly-on-the-wall perspective, since we're streaming the entire day on Ustream. The easiest way to see what we're doing and drop us a line in chat: on Saturday at 12:30PM PDT, just head to and jump right in.

Sunday May 16
By Sunday, I will have used every ounce of energy in my body and mind, and will be using whatever is left to a) drive home from the studio and b) prep and upload stuff for you to see from the previous day's sessions.

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