Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Video: The Stream Scene Episode 24


I have to say that organizations like the Metaverse Broadcasting Company are pretty smart. With the assumption that, as time goes by, virtual worlds that are accessible on the Internet will become more and more mainstream, MBC has taken the lead in acting as a media resource. They produce video and other content that's focused on all kinds of different areas of interest within Second Life, Twinity, Blue Mars and other VWs. With news for the metaverse, talk shows, reality shows (yes, reality shows in virtual reality) and more, MBC has the bases pretty well covered. They could be in a position to someday be a legitimate international media conglomerate in the same way we view networks like CBS today. One of Metaverse TV's most well-received shows is the Stream Scene, which covers the vibrant music scene in SL.

Guess who was the featured performer on the most recent episode of the Stream Scene? Go ahead, guess. I'll just wait here.

Give up? It's me! Yes, as you may recall, back in mid-May I filmed an episode of the show, which was basically just like my usual live performance in SL. They then edited their show together, and chose two of my live songs ("Always Tomorrow" and "This Afternoon") to feature. I recommend you check out the entire episode... they do a really good job putting it together. If you just want to skip to the Zak parts, though, I can't blame you. I love me as well! So my part starts at 13:44 and runs until 19:50. Not too shabby! But again, I advise you to check out the whole show if you can. There's a cool performance and interview with jazz keyboardist Miles Eleventhauer at the start of the show. Good stuff, all of it.

Thanks to everyone involved in the Stream Scene, including host Lance Rembrandt and everyone involved in the production and editing, but my biggest thanks go to longtime SL music supporter and all-round cool person Twstd Ruggles. Mahalo nui loa, Twstd!

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