Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fibber Magees (10.20.10)

I have never not had a fun time performing live at Fibber Magees in Second Life. Seriously, I've played there at least a dozen times over the years, and each time am blown away by the professionalism of the hosting staff, and the fun crowd they bring in. Today was no exception, and being that it was my first show back in SL after a month-long hiatus, it felt great to get up in front of people and do my thing!

I am still getting over my cold, but I'm on the tail end of it, so I didn't interrupt my music too many times with coughing, which is nice. I think I picked some appropriate tunes, given today's gray and rainy vibe.

Fibber Magees Set List Du Jour...
This Afternoon (Zak Claxton)
Space Oddity (David Bowie)
Falling Down (Zak Claxton)
Polly (Nirvana)
Fire & Rain (James Taylor)
Always Tomorrow (Zak Claxton)
You're Like a Cloud (Zak Claxton)
Jane (Barenaked Ladies)
Go Easy On Me (Zak Claxton)
Love Hurts (Everly Brothers)
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)

Huge thanks to all who supported my show and made it a fun day at Fibbers!
Fable Sinatra, Doug Glenfadden, Nicholas Esharham, Phooka Heron, Alexis Fairlady, Uke Takashi, Mike00 Carnell, Isobela Capalini, Kat Claxton, Jane1 Bookmite, Aurelie Chenaux, Snowangel Fallen, and my hostess today, Otawan Fouquet!

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Aurelie said...

It was a fantastic show! I love seeing Zak at Fibber Magees.. always a great time, and a great crowd!