Monday, October 4, 2010

A (mostly) new web site:

Check out the mostly-new!

There's an old saying that the garage mechanic has the worst-running car in town. Why? Well, after he works on everyone else's car all day, he rarely wants to spend time on his own. It's the same way with people who design web sites, which I do as part of my job for the little marketing firm I own. The last thing I want to spend my "free time" on is working on my own web sites. However, the Zak site had some issues... mostly the fact that I'd built a little splash page to the start of the site when my album came out, then started adding to it, and it ended up kind of burying the content on the rest of the site. Sigh. Some web designer I am.

I didn't want to completely change the site; I liked the site. However, I needed to lose the splash page and get to the meat of the site. Also, the former vertically-oriented navigation and the rotating banner was taking up 90% of the space "above the fold" of each page. I slowly became aware that I was making it hard to find the stuff people were looking for, which obviously wasn't my intention.

So, I gave the site a spruce-up, added some new pics and updated some songs and so on, and voila... mostly new site. Here's a little tour (though it would probably be easier just to click the link and see for yourself).


We probably crammed too much in the main page of the site, but you can pretty much see everything you want from there. There are also a few songs for you to enjoy, a bug fat video to check out, and other items of fun and wonder.

Song credits, details, and lyrics

Every one of the tunes from the current album have their own pages, with complete credits, recording notes, and all lyrics.


My YouTube vids, and a gallery of photos to peek at.


The easiest way to find out about my upcoming shows.

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