Monday, February 21, 2011

This Week in ZakLand

"ZakLand" isn't a real place. It's more like a state of mind.

Anyway, happy Monday to you! Many folks seem to have today off work or school or whatever it is that they do. I, on the other hand, am a small business owner, and we small business owners take days off about as often as Glen Beck votes for Democrats. Therefore, I'll make this brief, and get back to earning a living, which I'll spend most of today and Tuesday doing.

We have an interesting week planned nonetheless. On the evening of Wednesday February 23 at 7PM Pacific (10PM EST), I'll be doing my bi-weekly StreamJam show on Facebook, but this one should be extra-cool. It's the worldwide debut of three new original songs: "Perfect Girl", "The Other Way", and "Look Out for Me". None of these tunes have even been recorded yet, beyond rudimentary demos for my bandmates to learn the songs, and I've never played any of them for a live audience beyond my darling Kat. So, come to the show on Wednesday night to check them out. As always, my StreamJam shows are free, and I tend to think they are fun as well. You can see the live video feed of the show by going here and clicking my name on Wednesday evening.

Zak rocks while you dance around and be a little cartoon person. What, you had better plans for a Wednesday night?

On Thursday night, our great friend from Second Life Triana Caldera is flying out from Minnesota to come hang out with Kat and I. Triana has been one of our best friends since we met over four years ago at her weekly SL-based event, Triana's Music Trivia. It's Second Life's longest-running trivia game, and we spend every Sunday night hanging out with her in the virtual world. Triana has visited us here in the LA area twice before, and it's always a good time.

Triana, Kat and Zak in 2009.

Triana isn't just coming out here to see us, though that would be fine if it were the case. Instead, she's joining Kat and I the following morning (Friday Feb. 25) and driving a couple of hours south to San Diego, where the first annual San Diego SL Music Jam and Meetup is taking place. I am really looking forward to this three-day event! Some of SL's coolest musicians are coming in to jam together, and as I've said in earlier posts, you'll be able to check it out live, in Second Life or on live video via Ustream.

The event will be going on from Friday through Sunday, and having watched one SL jam event from afar before, I can tell you that it's terrific fun being a fly on the wall, seeing Second Life folks interacting in the real world, and watching some musicians who you've probably only seen in pixel form playing in the flesh!

So, that's this week in ZakLand. Good times ahead.

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