Sunday, April 17, 2011

A tour of the all-new

Don't get me wrong... I know that you, being a friend or fan (or combination thereof) of mine, are more than capable of checking out a web site all on your own. This is, after all 2011, where navigating around a web site is a more mundane skill than being able to walk and chew gum at the same time. However, we're all busy, and there are some aspects of the new Zak Claxton web site that you might miss your first time through. That's why I'm here as your super-exclusive tour guide to the site that I built about... me. You'll thank me later for this, I swear.

What's up, Homeys?
The home page of the site, shown above, is where you get to everything else. A couple of semi respect-worthy aspects of this page: beneath the main site navigation on the top left, there are very handy buttons to get straight over to my various social networks. Beneath that, you'll find that you can "like" my site via Facebook, which would be a lovely thing for you to do. Next, we have a song you can listen to right away, if you don't have the patience to get into the areas of the site where you can hear the rest of my tunes. More on that later. Every so often, I put up a different tune in this slot. Finally, there's a feed from my Twitter page, showing you the latest thing I tweeted about. Pretty sweet, huh? I am a web guru. Bow before me.

Born on the Bio
The bio page is where you can read a very short biography about Zak. Since it's meant to be a quick read, you might find yourself wanting more detail, so on that same page, you can access my electronic press kit, which has a longer bio and high-res photos. See how I've thought this through?

The bio page. Learn about me. Probably nothing that you don't already know.

Music: the whole reason for the ZC site
One really new part of the ZC site is the music page. What's new? Well, the main thing: you can listen to the entire album, for free. Yeah. All eleven songs, complete. I've actually thought this through, and realized that I never once have bought music that I haven't heard before. Imagine that. So, despite the fact that I'm giving music pirates the chance to steal my stuff, and giving people a way to duck out of buying my songs by just listening on the site, it's worthwhile to me, and I actually believe more people will want to buy my stuff after giving them a chance to get into it.

Here's where you can listen to the whole album for free. Good times. You can also see links for the song credits as well as info on the gear we used for the first record.

You might miss the link on the Music page that says "Complete album credits and song lyrics". It's worthwhile to go there, since you can learn a lot more about the music than you'd otherwise get. See? I knew this tour would have a payoff.

Be sure to check out the credits and lyrics for each song.

Pictures of you
We have a Pics & Videos page on the site where you can check out some pics and videos. It's not rocket surgery, people.

My latest thing I put on YouTube is the first video, though you can check out many more here. Pics include me, my friends, and various things that I have no idea why I put here, but are here nonetheless.

Reach out and touch a Zakster
Ah, the useful Contact page of the site. You can use this page to send me email, to book live shows in Second Life (via my manager Maali Beck), and see a bunch of links that have some conection to me in various ways.

The Contact page lets you find me in various ways.

Random notes
Now here's a part of the site you can't miss: the Random page. Keep clicking the "Random" button (or just reload the page), and you will be served a continually variable delight of pictures that you might not see anywhere else. There are also other random things on this page, like food recipes and more. You never know what you'll get. Why? It's random! See? Aren't you glad you checked this out?

Keep hitting that random button, and keep getting surprised with new photos.

The best things in life are free... but you can leave them to the birds and bees
Finally, we have the Store page, which is divided into three parts: Compact Disc, Downloads, and Clothing/Accessories. It seems pretty self-explanatory, but I'll explain anyway. You can order the Zak Claxton CD (now just $8.99) with secure checkout via Amazon. You can purchase individual tracks for $0.99 each through iTunes or Amazon MP3 (you can also listen to the tracks before you buy them... just click a title and enjoy). You can also look through some of my latest ZakWear creations, and visit my little merch store for the complete line of clothing and swag with my logo stamped on it. Yay!

You can choose to buy my entire album on CD, or buy individual tracks from iTunes or Amazon MP3. There are other places to buy my music, but I thought I'd keep this a simple process.

Scroll down the pgae a bit, and you'll find a few of the clothing/accessory items we have for sale.

There you have it...
The all-new! I'm happy to have a fresh new site... it's like buying clothes when you go back to school in 7th grade. As always, feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what you think, good, bad, or otherwise. Oh, and buy some damn music while you're there! Musicians need to eat too, ya know.

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