Friday, June 24, 2011

Band Reunions, Virtual Birthdays, and Michael Jackson

Wake up Zak; you have a busy few days ahead!

This is going to be a wacky three days of music-related activities here at Zak Claxton HQ!

Saturday June 25: Liquid Rehearsal

As I mentioned a short while ago, my last working band Liquid is going to be getting back together after four+ years apart for a one-night only special reunion show on July 23. By all accounts, interest is very high from our old fans, and we'll probably be playing to a packed house that night. Well, you don't just jump back onstage together after that long apart and expect to be good, so tomorrow, we have our first rehearsal together since spring 2007. I'm expecting it to be really fun; despite my years of playing as a solo artist, there's a whole different dynamic to rocking out with a group of talented musicians together in a room at the same time. Wish me luck!

Sunday June 26, 1PM SLT: SL8B

It's Second Life's eighth birthday, and I'll be playing an hour of live music right at the end of the official festivities on the Main Stage on Sunday at 1PM. I haven't performed at an SL birthday celebration since SL5B in 2008, so I'm looking forward to getting out there and helping Linden Lab mark eight years of making Second Life avaiable to us all. I believe I am the final live music performer of the event, so I extend an invite to all the people who worked so hard putting their displays together to take a break and come kick back and rock out with me!

Monday June 27, 6:35PM PDT: Michael Jackson Tribute on StageIt

I wasn't planning on my music marathon to continue past the weekend, but yesterday, the folks at StageIt wrote to ask if I'd like to participate in their special Michael Jackson tribute event that they are holding to mark the two-year anniversary of the King of Pop's passing. What they're doing is really neat: 12 different artists are onstage for five minutes each, and each will perform one MJ song. Obviously, I'm not the first artist people think of when it comes to covering Michael Jackson songs, but as I've mentioned before: my music really has no boundaries in terms of influences and genres, and I am honored to participate in this event! Look for my five-minute live video show Monday night at 6:35PM Pacific Time. I won't spoil the surprise by telling you which Michael Jackson song I'm doing, but I promise it will be fun. More info on StageIt and their MJ tribute at

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