Tuesday, July 12, 2011

200 Days of Wii Fit Plus

Yup, my Wii let me know this morning that I'd hit my 200th day of doing something other than sitting on my ass everyday.

Actually, that's not quite fair. I've always led a semi-active lifestyle. I tend to do a lot of walking versus driving, which is pretty rare here in the Los Angeles area. Even doing things like playing live music is a massive calorie burner, as is evidenced by the puddle of sweat around me after I finish a particularly good show. However, as I've mentioned several times before (like here), I spent far too much time over the last few years complaining about various aches and pains, and meanwhile my body was starting to show those telltale signs of getting into my 40's... flab accumulation around my waist was a biggie. The longer I waited to do something about it, the worse it was going to get.

Knowing that I didn't have the time to go work out at a gym, the Wii Fit Plus was really designed for people like me. I spend 40-60 minutes each morning doing various yoga, strength training, balance, and other exercises, and it's a great way to start the day. Have I been the perfect Wii user? Nah, of course not. I'm human. There have been days where for various reasons, I had to skip my exercise session. Oddly, though, I find that I really regretted those few days where I missed my workout, so I do try to make sure I get in at least a little exercise each day.

I feel better all around after 200 days of spending my mornings with Mr. Wii, and I've supplemented those sessions with some light use of freeweights as well. I don't have any impressive before/after pictures, and to be honest, it's not immediately apparent that my body is in much better shape than it was before I started working out again. However, I know just by the way I feel that it's making a huge difference, and I certainly now have better muscle tone than I've had since I was in my 20's.

It would be nice if I could get the remaining fat off my waist... there are actually strong abdominal muscles buried under that flab. Still, for being a lazy 42-year-old, I'm not looking half bad. Thanks Wii Fit Plus!

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