Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Notes (07.11.11)

I have so many different things going on at the moment, it's difficult to adequately articulate any of them. Instead, I thought I'd use the shotgun approach and splatter them all over this one post. Ready?

Personal Hygiene
Look up at the photo on top. I really need to shave. I kind of blew it off all last week for no particular reason. I'll have you know that apart from not having scraped a shard of highly sharpened stainless steel across my face, I am clean and well groomed and smell nice. Don't judge me!

Saturday's Liquid Rehearsal
My former band Liquid (who is reuniting for a one-time show) picked up where we left off a couple of weeks ago with our second (and final) rehearsal before the gig we're doing on Saturday July 23 at Keegan's. I have to stop being surprised that we're a good band. All of us are very experienced musicians, and unlike athletes, our abilities don't diminish with age. Anyway, we continued down our set in mostly alphabetical order, and we also went over some songs with Amanda, our guest-star vocalist. Sounded great, and I'm very excited about the show. Admission is free, and drinks are cheap, so come rock with us!

Are you ready to rock? No, seriously, are you?

Upcoming Second Life Music Events
In addition to the resurrection of my real life music career, I suddenly find myself pretty busy with SL shows. A few highlights:

- Thursday 7/14, 6PM: The Majestic
- Saturday 7/16, 7PM: Relay for Life
- Tuesday 7/19, 5PM: Crystal Gardens
- Thursday 8/18, 6PM: Molaskey's Pub

As usual, all times given are SLT (same as Pacific Time). For SL venue owners who'd like to book me, it's easy: just get in touch with my wonderful manager Maali Beck, and she'll work out the details.

I'm continuing the busiest portion of my life, musically speaking, and loving it.

What Happened to My Shorts?
It's summertime here in the Northern Hemisphere, and I'm lucky enough to live less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean, with the resulting mild temps and all-day sea breeze. Still, it's summer, and it's been warm lately, even here in Redondo Beach where the temps were in the 80s last week. But apparently, almost every pair of short pants I own decided to run away from home. I seems to have just three usable pairs at this point, and one of them may have shrunk to a point of non-wearability (he said, refusing to acknowledge a recent inability to comfortably button size 32 pants).

Anyway, I hereby vow to get some replacement shorts the next time I am near a mall. By doing so, I will probably cause some record cold front to move into Southern California. Mother Nature loves to screw with me, so it's almost guaranteed that whatever season I am prepared for apparel-wise will not deliver the weather I expect.

One of the last surviving pairs. Maybe my other shorts fell through an interdimensional portal of the space-time continuum. It's been known to happen.

Famous Last Words
The date today is 7/11/11. To celebrate, shouldn't I be having a Slurpee and a hot dog that's been spun around under a heatlamp for three days?

Res ipsa loquitur, and mahalo.

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