Friday, September 2, 2011

The all-new Zak Claxton Dot Com!

I have a web site. I know, it's shocking. But it's worthwhile mentioning, at least today, because I just did a complete rebuild of the site, and it's all new and stuff.

Therefore, I thought it might be cool to give you a little guided tour of the site. Not that you can't figure it out on your own, dear reader; if that were the case, my web designer would have done a rather piss-poor job. Who is that web guru? Why, it's me, of course. In my life that doesn't involve me playing guitar and singing, I own a little marketing company, and web design is one of the main things we do (along with graphic design, copywriting, public relations, and more stuff in that vein). Since web design is my job, it's all the less likely that I want to spend time designing my own sites after days on end of doing it for my clients.

Regardless, I found my last version of the site to be somewhat lacking. In my desire to "keep it clean", I inadvertently left it devoid of useful content, and made updating it more of a pain in the ass than it needs to be in this Web 2.0 world. So, the first thing you might notice about the new site is that it has stuff... lots of stuff, and stuff that is dynamically updated through things like this blog, which is now viewable right there on the home page.

First thing to note: every single page of the site has a music player on top. No matter where you are, feel free to listen to the songs off my last album. The Home page also has a feed from this very blog, which I update often as you probably know. When you rollover the main navigation in the orange bar near the top, you'll see there are drop-down menus that help you quickly get where you want go. Another item you'll find on every page is the signup form for my mailing list. You can enter your email there, and I'll drop you a line if I ever think of something important enough with which to bother you. Beneath that, you'll see my latest outpouring of genius on Twitter, and below that, you can "like" the page via Facebook.

If you feel like you need to know more about me, the Bio pages should give you all you need to know. There is a miniature version for those among us short of time and/or attention, and a longer one for backgrounds in hard-hitting press exposés. Speaking of press, the Press Kit page conveniently links to the bio and has some high-res photos right there. So, if you want to do a big interview with me and put my picture on your magazine cover, I would probably be okay with it.

The Music page of the site is a place where you can -- for absolutely free -- listen at your leisure to the entire Zak Claxton album. As I often say, if you like what you hear, please buy it... there are convenient links to iTunes and Amazon in the Store area, but we'll get to that later. In Music, you can hear the whole album, and get info on the songs, the lyrics, and the credits for recording form my last album.

Here's a convenient part of the site for all you Zaksters: a complete schedule of my upcoming live shows (most of which, as you know, are in Second Life). Found under the "shows" navigation tab, you can browse through my schedule and decide ahead of time in regard to which of my silly, wacky, zany gigs you may want to attend.

The "Pics/Vids" area of the site has pictures and videos. Wow, was that really necessary to write? Anyway, you may find something you haven't seen before there, and I'm also going to be adding a ton of more recent photos shortly. Enjoy them.

Finally, the Store page of the site is a convenient way to buy my music, as well as clothing and accessories if you're into wearing me. You'll find direct links to my Amazon page where you can buy my CD, as well as links to iTunes and Amazon MP3 to buy downloads. At the bottom are a few of my merchandise items, and a link to my merch store where you can see more.

There's a lot more to the site. I recommend you try out the Random page (who knows what you'll find? Not me, and I coded the damn thing), or browse through my Links just to see who I put up there. I hope you enjoy the site, and if you want to tell me anything about it, it's now easier than ever to reach me.

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