Tuesday, September 6, 2011

UPCOMING: Zak's "THAT '90s SHOW" at Key West

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday September 7 at 5PM SLT) at Key West in SL, I'll be doing a special show. Side note: I almost never do "special shows", preferring to make each show "special" in some way, but I rarely plan a complete theme-based show.

To keep things fresh, I decided to wind back the clock to the decade before last, and do a complete hour of songs from the 1990s. Unlike most of my shows, tomorrow night's event will not feature any of my original music. Instead, it's 60 minutes of covers, and I'm pulling out six songs I've never played before just to make it all the more exciting for myself and my audience. We'll be covering everything from grunge to alternative, rap-rock to post-rock, and more.

So, get out your flannel shirts and head over to Key West Wednesday night. This will be memorable and fun!

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