Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here I Come, I Come, I Come

Well, loyal readers (I assume you exist), I realized that it was high past time to give you a mini-update on what's happening with me and my music. Despite having had the longest hiatus I've ever taken in recent years from performing live music (six weeks!), there's been quite a bit happening. Since I return to SL this Thursday night with a show at Relay for Life Fantasy Faire (more on that below), it's a good time to also get back on the blog train... choo choo... and throw words at you.

My Short Film
Here's some advice if you ever want to write and direct a short documentary: do it on someone other than yourself! I grew about as sick of me as possible within three days of starting the thing, but I did manage to get some possibly decent stuff, and have continued to add to it as time has gone by. I've decided to have it culminate with my hopefully successful show on Thursday night, and finish editing over the following few days. If all goes well, by early next week, I'll debut it in the usual places.

My New (Yet Very Old) Demo Song
I never enter contests... really. Never. But my old musical inspiration Neil Young is doing a new album with Crazy Horse called "Americana", and as a promotion, he's having people do covers of certain classic American songs. It's not my usual cup of tea, but I got this idea out of the blue to do a Zak-like arrangement of "Oh Susannah". On Sunday, I did a quick demo here at Frothy Studios, and I'm enjoying what I'm hearing so far. I really am not concerned about winning any contests; I just thought it was a cool reason to stretch musically and do something different. I need to wrap up the final recording of the song and submit it by May 7, so you'll be hearing it as well soon enough.

My Return to Performing
It finally happens tomorrow evening. Yesterday afternoon, for the first time since getting sick six weeks ago, I ran through a whole show's worth of tunes... about ten of them, back to back. While I was pretty hoarse after the last one, I made it through, and now feel really good about my show on Thursday, 6PM SLT at Relay for Life Fantasy Faire. It seems appropriate to have an important benefit show mark my return; I tend to put my own worries aside much more when I'm doing something to help someone else. As usual, all the proceeds from the show go to the American Cancer Society, so there aren't many worthier causes.

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