Sunday, October 21, 2012

Key West (10.20.12)

Ah, Key West. Playing there is like a breath of fresh air. I can always count on a great crowd and a good vibe there, and yesterday's show delivered both. Particularly nice was the fact that I was followed by one of my personal favorite performers in SL, Grace McDunnough, so not only did I get to play a good show for a big appreciative crowd, but I got to see a great show immediately afterwards. Bonus!

Material wise, I think that being aware of the fact that Grace was back-to-back with me led me toward picking some of my more "writerly" repertoire. Certain selections by artists like Nick Drake, Neil Young, and Peter Gabriel were purposeful in that regard. I also made it a point to pull out one tune I hadn't played before, as I try to do as often as I can at SL shows.

There's something to be said for performing at a pretty outdoor venue. It seems silly, but the vibe of a virtual place does affect my performance. Photo by Kat.

My Ket West crowd enjoys the show. Photo by Kat.

A pretty Saturday evening at sunset is a good time to enjoy live music in Second Life. Photo by Kat.

Speaking of enjoyment, here's Kat and I relaxing after my show to listen to Grace McDunnough.

Key West Set List...
Broken Day (Zak Claxton)
Nowhere Man (Beatles)
Help Me (Joni Mitchell)
Let's Pretend That Everything's Okay (Zak Claxton)
Games Without Frontiers (Peter Gabriel)
Pink Moon (Nick Drake)
†Waxing Gibbous (Zak Claxton)
After the Goldrush (Neil Young)
Falling Down (Zak Claxton)
Starman (David Bowie)
*Mad World (Tears for Fears)
Go Easy On Me (Zak Claxton)

†I've only performed "Gibbous" twice before in SL. It's a rare one.
*Indicates the first time I've performed this song in SL.

Big thanks to everyone who came out to Key West! Special tip o' the Zak Hat to those who supported the show.
Lan Ganloso, GMetal Svartur, Woodstock Burleigh, Max11 Florio, Triana Caldera, Apinyalali, Kat Claxton, Rosinante Vinson, Lyn Carlberg, TheaDee, Crap Mariner, and Key West owner Liz Harley!

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