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The Musician's Sports Guide: NFL 2012-13 Week Six

Hello readers, and welcome once again to the Musician’s Guide to the NFL. I’m the musician, and here’s your guide looking back at Week 6 and forward to Week 7 and beyond.

Last week, I mentioned that no one, self included, has any idea what’s really going on in the NFC East, and Week 6 proved my point rather nicely. For the last couple of seasons, the Eagles (3-3) have looked like the best team in the NFC... on paper. However, it never seems to fully pan out that way, does it? The loss to the Lions on Sunday could have easily been prevented, and it may be time for Andy Reid and his staff to find greener pastures. They have a bye this week to lick their wounds, and then host the currently undefeated Falcons in week 8. Meanwhile, everyone was pretty sure the Giants (4-2) -- who are, after all, the defending champions -- would lose badly to a hot Niners team this week. Nope! They crushed San Francisco 26-3, and host the Skins (3-3) next weekend. And yet, I still can’t say for certain that they’ll win. Folks in Dallas (2-3) aren’t too happy with America’s Team right now, despite a good effort versus a tough Ravens team.

San Francisco often roots for the Giants in October. Not this time. Photo via Getty Images.

Chicago (4-1) is my kinda town, or so the song goes, and they look strong coming off three straight wins. It was their bye in week 6, so they’re presumably fresh and raring to go when they host Detroit (2-3) next Monday night in what should be a good game. Kudos to Detroit for a somewhat surprising OT victory as a 4-point underdog beating the Eagles in week 6, by the way! Despite a loss to the Skins, the Vikings (4-2) are still in pretty good shape in the NFC North. We’ll see how they hold up again Arizona this coming week. Finally, the Packers (3-3) gave a huge spanking to the previously-undefeated Texans on Sunday night. They should have an even easier time against St. Louis this week.

Most people thought that Atlanta (6-0) would annihilate the Raiders at home in week 6, but the win was a lot closer than the strengths of these respective teams would have you believe. In week 7, they’re up against a tough Minnesota team. Tampa Bay (2-3) pulled out a win over a putrid and injured Chiefs team on Sunday, but I wouldn’t take that as a prediction of great things to come. They take on their division rivals the Saints (1-4) in week 7. Carolina (1-4) also appears to be in this division. Who knew?

You thought Arizona (4-2) was going to run away with this division when they were undefeated? I didn’t think so then, and I sure don’t think so now. In fact, while San Francisco (4-2) was looking strong for awhile, it’s the Seahawks (4-2) that seem to be showing up ready to play in recent weeks, especially with a rather unexpected win against the Pats on Sunday. I predict that the Cards will have a tough time in Minnesota next weekend, while on Thursday night, Seattle and San Francisco will face off in what’s now a big division game for both teams. The Rams (3-3) are neither as bad or good as they occasionally look; however, Green Bay will likely hand them a loss on Sunday.

First off, the Seahawks have a great home field advantage. Second, that defense is for real no matter where they're playing. Photo via Getty Images.

Here’s a division usually dominated by one, perhaps two teams. Now everyone -- New England (3-3), the Jets (3-3), the Bills (3-3), and even the Fins (3-3) -- is mired in this limbo-like sea of mediocrity. The Jets and Pats will square off in Foxboro on Sunday to break that tie, while Buffalo hosts the Titans and Miami has their bye. Despite their explosive offense, the Pats are currently one of the worst teams in the league at defending against the pass, and they’ll need to get that together to be a semblance of their former selves.

Perhaps the Dolphins really are turning their season around. Photo via AP.

Oh man. Losing Ray Lewis for the season is going to hurt the Ravens (5-1), who were really looking like one of the top-notch teams of the AFC. Big and scary #52 has certainly been their spiritual leader for years, and it’s hard to think that they’ll keep on rolling in the same way without him. Making matters worse, they travel to Houston this week. You’d think that would be an opportunity for the Bengals (3-3) to step it up, but after losing to Cleveland (1-5) last Sunday, I’m not sure they deserve the top spot. In fact, Cincinnati hosts division mate Pittsburgh (2-3) on Sunday, but the Steelers kind of stink too.

The seemingly infallible Texans (5-1) looked quite a bit more human against the Packers last week, and might have trouble with Baltimore in week 7. The Colts (2-3) are somehow in second place in this division, but host the Browns this weekend and just might eke out another win. That’s in contrast to Tennessee (2-4), who travel to Buffalo to be spanked on Sunday. The Jaguars (1-4) had a bye in week 6, and will face an equally bad team in the Raiders for week 7, but I think that Oakland will take them.

In what is probably the most humiliating loss of the season so far, and one of the worst performances in history, the Chargers (3-3) blew a 24-0 halftime lead against the Broncos (3-3) in front of a Monday night audience. If you need more evidence that Norv Turner does not belong in a head coaching role, I don’t know what else will convince you. Both teams have their bye in week 7, as do the hapless Chiefs (1-5). The only AFC West team playing this weekend is the Raiders (1-4), who actually have an opportunity for a win at home this Sunday against the Jags.

We couldn't believe it either. Photo via Getty Images.

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