Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pointless Interim Post

So, as no one at all has noticed, I am on a brief hiatus from performing and recording music while I am busy working in the business that makes tools for people who perform and record music. Ironic, isn't it? I'll be back doing my usual thing in a week or so, but meanwhile, I thought I should write a pointless and random blog post to tide you over until I have actual things that are worth writing about. Shall we begin?

I bought some new jeans a couple of weeks ago. I often go clothes shopping for myself around this time of year for a couple of good reasons. First, I usually like to freshen my wardrobe for the aforementioned annual music business event that takes me away from my music. Second, I tend to have gift certificates that were given to me over the holidays, and I like to use them before I forget about them (which is actually what every store who sells someone a gift certificate wants to happen).

Hmm. There's something familiar about my new jeans.

After buying said jeans, I took them home, as one does. It wasn't until a few days later, while preparing my laundry, that I realized I already owned the exact same pair of jeans. Same store, same size, same style. Precisely the same, in every way. So, at least I'm consistent, even if the result is that people think I never change my pants.

They Stole My Crayon
Perhaps the thing I'm looking forward to most, after my business event is done and finished, is getting back to working on songs with my new little band They Stole My Crayon. This band includes my darling Kat Claxton and my pal Bunny Knutson, and we've already wrapped up the recording of one song that is being mixed by Phil O'Keefe at this very moment. We have many more ideas for exciting new music, so that's something fun to look forward to.

Kat, Bunny, and I are making music that's not quite like other music we may have made before.

Moon and Jupiter Conjunction
I like to look at the sky. Sometimes, I even know what I'm looking at. Last night was a good example, when the moon and Jupiter conjoined in an awesome fashion.

Sometime this Spring, Kat and I are planning yet another trip to Joshua Tree, and hopefully we'll be able to do that during a new moon. We'll take out the big telescope and have fun peeping on our neighbors in the universe. Sometimes, it's equally awe inspiring to not use the scope, and just kick back and watch the Milky Way. Hey, it's our home galaxy. We should notice it every once in awhile. We do live here, you know.


Because, coffee.

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