Friday, February 7, 2014

Molaskey's Pub (02.06.14)

As any reader of this blog knows, I've performed at Molaskey's Pub in Second Life dozens and dozens of times. It's always a good time, and I often draw a good audience there. I decided to extend the artistic experience of having once again done a show there by writing this report in haiku form.

It's been near a month
Since I've played live in SL
Anxious to get back

Getting warmed up now
Guitar is tuned, voice ready
For Molaskey's Pub

Sassy is singing
She's on before me, my friend
Tonight she sounds great

I start my broadcast
Say hello to the crowd there
And start my first tune

Time passes quickly
I feel good about the show
Audience is cool

Dedicate a song
To Philip Seymour Hoffman
One by old Neil Young

Now it's time to go
I wrap up with Cat Stevens
And call it a night

It's good to be back
Now I log out of SL
And eat spaghetti

Photo and top photo by Kat.

Photo by Kat.

Molaskey's Pub set list...
Frigid Spring (Chairlift)
Birds (Neil Young)
Broken Day (Zak Claxton)
Things Behind the Sun (Nick Drake)
Swing Lo Magellan (Dirty Projectors)
Falling Down (Zak Claxton)
Lost Cause (Beck)
Fire & Rain (James Taylor)
This Afternoon (Zak Claxton)
The Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young)
Losing My Religion (R.E.M.)
Bertha (Grateful Dead)
Tea for the Tillerman (Cat Stevens)

Many thanks to all who helped support my show!
KarlPeterKP, Tzeitel, Alexis Fairlady, Aurelie Chenaux, Jwheels Carver, TheaDee, SeraGrace, Richy Nervous, Sassy Nitely, Kat Claxton, Cicadetta Stillwater, desire4all, my great manager Maali Beck, and Molaskey's GM Mia Kitchensink!

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