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Serenity Gardens (07.03.17)

The Zak Shows keep getting better at Serenity Gardens. Photo by Kat Claxton.

Last night, after I wrapped up my third bi-weekly Monday evening show at Serenity Gardens in Second Life, my manager commented about it on Facebook.

Maali Beck:
SO fun! What a great crowd!
Zak Claxton:
Zak Claxton:
I think I'm having an SL comeback.

I wasn't really being serious, although my recent shows have seemed particularly well attended. As most SL musicians will tell you, different days and different venues will have different crowds, and it's every bit as silly to take some meaningful measurement of popularity based on one good show as it is to despair over another show with a small audience. As people who are close to me know well, I really don't measure the success of a show based on how many people were there. I've had fantastic SL shows for an audience of 7-8 people, and really terrible shows at places where the sim was maxed out at 80+.

But I will say that after a few performances, I seem to have hit my stride at Serenity Gardens. It's a good combination of things; I feel very comfortable playing there, and we seem to have developed a very steady, good-sized crowd of people who like to see me there every other Monday evening. I'd be happy if this trend continues.

Music, Friends, and Fun
I can be pretty objective about myself as a musician and live performer. Let's imagine an alternate universe where my shows are musically identical to the ones I do today, but where I don't spend any time engaging with my audience. I arrive, I do every song that I do now in the same level of skill, but there's no chatter in between the songs, and I don't notice or acknowledge people in the crowd and so on. I have no false modesty; I know I'm a competent (though not outstanding) guitar player and singer, and a pretty interesting songwriter occasionally. I'm capable of being entertaining purely as a musician. But a huge part of a Zak Show is what happens on a separate level from the music itself.

If you're not having fun at my show, I'm doing something seriously wrong. Photo by Asimia Heron.

Being the day before Independence Day here in the USA, people were enjoying the virtual sparklers provided by the venue/host. Photo by Kat Claxton.

In real life, Kat was having to frequently leave the room due to coughing and sneezing from her cold. In SL, she kept dancing away, and didn't light her hair on fire, which is nice. Photo by Asimia Heron.

People come to my shows because it's a good time. My SL shows were described early on by someone who said that they were more like a situation with friends sitting around a campfire, or chilling with an acoustic guitar at a house party. People are free to talk, to be silly, to have fun. It's not a serious situation where 100% of your attention needs to be focused on the performer, and I am certainly not out to be super impressive with my playing or singing skills. My only goal is for people to enjoy themselves, and it's very rare that I don't get that feeling of people having fun while experiencing my show. Many of the people who come to my shows have subsequently become friends of mine, and friends with each other. It's a good feeling to be aware of that. On the biggest picture, if music is something that can make the world a better place in which to live, then my shows use music as one element that helps people (including myself) enjoy life a little more for a little while. What more could I ask for?

Yeah, Serenity Gardens is working out just fine. Photo by Kat Claxton.

Reaching Deeper
As I recently mentioned here on this very blog, I am trying to challenge myself more to play material that is less easy and familiar for me, and that I play less often as a result. I think doing that is to everyone's benefit. Last night's show was the first opportunity to head down this path, and I'm happy to say that I did. Of the entire set list, there are only a couple of songs that I've played at all in recent times. Last night's show included a couple of songs that I'd only played once or twice before in the last 10+ years of doing SL shows, and one tune that I'd never played before at all. I'd really like to continue doing that more often at subsequent shows.

Me, being me. Photo by Kat Claxton.

Serenity Gardens set list...
This Afternoon (Zak Claxton)
Accidents Will Happen (Elvis Costello)
Bull Black Nova (Wilco)
*One Headlight (The Wallflowers)
Cassidy (Grateful Dead)
I’ve Been Waiting for You (Neil Young)
Peaceful Easy Feeling (Eagles)
Leggy Blonde (Flight of the Conchords)
Jane (Barenaked Ladies)
Doin’ Time (Sublime)
Tribute (Tenacious D)
Loser (Beck)

*Indicates the first time I've performed this song in SL.

Many thanks to all who help make my shows at Serenity Gardens excellent, including the following who helped to support the show.
go2smoky Resident, RoxxyyRoller Resident, Alex Zelin, RansomTalmidge Resident, Asimia Heron, Tyche Szondi, Lacey MacMoragh, Aurelie Chenaux, ErikKottzen Resident, Kat Claxton, TheaDee Resident, my great manager Maali Beck, my fill-in host Sharky Shark├┤nnya Rhode, and Serenity's excellent management, Tilly Rose and Ilsa Wilde.

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