Monday, November 30, 2009

Upcoming Big Events in Zakland

"Zakland" is not a real place, by the way. It's more of a state of mind. And while I do shows in SL quite frequently, there are some special events happening all too soon that need some extra notice. Be aware, ye Zak Fans and Friends, of the following dates.

Wednesday December 9, 12:00PM: Zak at Fibber Magees in SL
What's so special about this show? Well, two days before the official release of the album, we're going to debut my new music vendor, so we're giving SL folks a bit of a head start on getting real, actual music from me. Plus, Fibber Magees shows are always fun, so come even if you're not planning on buying the album in-world.

Friday December 11, 7:00PM: Zak's RL Album Release Party
Here it is: after 40 years of being alive, 36 years of being a musician, 27 years of being a rocker, three years of playing in SL, and almost two years since I entered the studio to start recording, my debut album is actually going to be available to the world. Here's the deal: this is a REAL LIFE event, but we're going to stream the audio into SL so that folks who can't attend in person can still get a "fly on the wall" effect of being there. We'll be hosting the event in SL at our all-new Club at Coyote. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime event for all of us.

Wednesday December 16, 6:00PM: Zak Live on IndieSpectrum Radio
The folks at IndieSpectrum are being kind enough to host me at their live music venue in SL, and broadcasting the live show to the entire Internet. I'll be performing live music for a full hour. If you can't make it to the show in SL, by all means tune in at

Friday December 18, 5:00PM: Second Life Album Release Party
You didn't think we were going to leave the album release festivities in real life only, did you? Of course not. While the event on 12/11 is going to be streamed into SL, at this VERY cool show, I'm not performing live at all! Instead, I'm going to play DJ, and broadcast the album in its entirety into SL in high quality, while telling you all the stories behind the music. Trust me, this one will be cool.

So, that's it for now. Keep in mind that there are other shows and stuff betwixt and between all of these other events. For the complete schedule of Zak events, you can always find details at the "Zak Live" page at!

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