Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coyote (06.26.12)

Second Life is just like real life, but with more pixels and slower frame rates. In that regard, the same kinds of mistakes happen in SL that can happen anywhere, and most mistakes begin with errors in communication. That's why despite the fact that I was booked to perform again at the Whisky a Go Go in SL, I ended up instead doing a show for a small group of friends at my and Kat's home venue, Coyote.

Hey, these things happen. It's pretty simple; the venue owner was occupied elsewhere, and the person he'd tasked with running the show didn't get the word that I was supposed to be performing there. Since he's apparently not psychic, no one was there when I and my fans (and others; it was listed correctly in the SL live music events) all showed up at about 6PM.

So, we hung out for another 15 minutes or so hoping someone would show up. When no one did, someone suggested that instead of canceling the entire show, we could go somewhere else and do it. Of course, Kat and I have our woefully underused Club at Coyote, so we quickly passed around some landmarks and headed to our home sim. Once there, I hopped up onstage and did some songs for our friends who accompanied us.

Me, on my home turf. Photo by Kat.

Bacon nipple pasties and a bong. Yup, these are my friends. Photo by Kat.

Coyote Set List...
Won't Get Fooled Again (The Who)
Sister Golden Hair (America)
*When the Music's Over (The Doors)
Woodstock (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)
Who Do You Love (Bo Diddley)
Carey (Joni Mitchell)
Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
Waiting for This (Zak Claxton)
*Indicates the first time I have performed this song in SL.

Apologies to anyone who tried to see the show last night and couldn't, and massive thanks to the folks who followed us home to hang out and rock!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Key West (06.25.12)

When I get ready to play a show in Second Life, I have a simple routine. An hour before I'm scheduled to start, I stop whatever I'm doing, and do some light vocal warm-up exercises. I wash my hands and check to see if my nails are long enough to impede my playing, clipping as required. I then pick up my guitar, tune it, and run through a short section of a few the songs I've chosen to play.

At 20 minutes before the hour, I get into SL and head to the venue. After saying hello to the host and getting my avatar ready to perform, I still need to set up my real-life music stand and microphones, and get my mixer and computer ready to stream audio to the show. I also highly recommend using the bathroom at this point as opposed to holding your pee while trying to sing for an hour. When I initially arrive (assuming there's no one playing before me), it's most common that no one is there but the venue staff... who else comes to music shows 20 minutes early in SL? So there's this little moment of mystery while I finish my setup: who's going to show up? Will many of my hardcore "Zakster" fans be able to make it? Will I get some new people who haven't heard me before? Will it be a big crowd? A small one? At least in my case, you never really know for sure until the moment you begin the show.

I need to remind myself before my show that every time I play at Key West, it ends up being a good time for all. Photo by Kat.

I mentioned this to the folks at my show last night at Key West. As I came back after getting set up, near the start of the hour, there was already a good-sized crowd there, making me happy. I told them quite honestly, "I always assume that no one is going to come, and I'm pleasantly surprised when I walk in and see people there for my show." Even after more than five years comprising hundreds and hundreds of performances, I never, ever assume that folks are going to come see me. It keeps me humble, and keeps me working hard to do good shows for those who do come out.

Speaking of which, the show last night went very well. My minor self-criticism is that my voice at times was a bit rough around the edges from having done two shows the day before, but that just made me sound a little more rocking. Also, as I've done lately with all of these shows, I've been pulling out some of the older tunes that I did regularly back in 2007/2008, and finding them fun to do again.

Key West Set List...
Man on the Moon (R.E.M.)
Save It For Later (English Beat)
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Neil Young)
Fade Away (Zak Claxton)
Mother (Pink Floyd)
In My Time of Dying (Traditional)
After the Goldrush (Neil Young)
The Other Way (Zak Claxton)
Save Me (Aimee Mann)
I've Been Waiting for You (Neil Young)
I Like You (Zak Claxton)
Just Like This Train (Joni Mitchell)

Big thanks to every single person who came out to my show at Key West, especially those who helped support it!
Triana Caldera, TheDove Rhode, Tjorben McKeenan, Alexis Fairlady, AMFORTE Clarity, Alltra Violet, Richy Nervous, Rosinante Vinson, Christine Haiku, TheaDee, TrillianTraal, Spiral Silverstar, and most of all, Key West owner (and true music lover) Liz Harley!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Triana's Music Trivia 7th Anniversary (06.24.12)

I really hadn't intended on doing two shows on Sunday June 24. My great friend Triana Caldera, who has become an equally good pal in real life as she has been in Second Life for many years, had booked me months ago to perform at the seventh anniversary of her Triana's Music Trivia (SL's longest-running trivia game), which I wouldn't miss for the world. And then I was nicely asked to play at a Relay for Life event which ended up being on the same day. Meh.

A wee bit of background: as I've written about many times before, performing at TMT is always a treat for me. I can be as insanely silly as I want around this crazy collection of great friends who Kat and I see every Sunday evening at Triana's trivia game. That means I can really be experimental and play songs that I probably wouldn't do at regular shows. It also means that I have a good excuse to play special songs that I've never done before, either as some kind of themed show, or songs that have some significance to Triana and the other folks we hang out with there. It's also at my TMT shows that I can convince Kat to participate in the music (which she generally wouldn't be comfortable doing in front of strangers)... she joined me for backing vocals on a Lou Reed tune I'd never done until last night.

As usual when we have special events there, the trivia game was moved forward an hour to 6PM so I could perform during the 7PM slot. As trivia wrapped up, I was already in the upstairs club area getting set up. Then we started the show. Since I'd just done a full hour of my own music, I decided to blow off my original songs for the most part and play cover stuff that would be fun for everyone.

Triana's Music Trivia 7th Anniversary Set List...
A Day in the Life (Beatles)
Triana (Zak Claxton)
*Walk on the Wild Side (Lou Reed)
†Wrong Way (Sublime)
*Beyond the Blue (Martina McBride)
†Them Bones (Alice in Chains)
†The Rainbow Connection (Kermit the Frog)
†Take It On The Run (REO Speedwagon)
She's Leaving Home (Beatles)
†On the Way Home (Buffalo Springfield)
Summer Breeze (Seals & Crofts)
†A Case of You (Joni Mitchell)
She's Always a Woman (Billy Joel)
Tribute (Tenacious D)

*Indicates the first time I've performed this song in SL.
†These songs are extreme rarities in my set. In several cases, it's been over four years since I've performed them live, and at least three of them I've only done once previously.

Huge thanks to all of our great friends at TMT. We love you! Thanks to those who helped support the show...
Alchemy Epstein, Nakira Tennen, Rey Tardis, Jordan Hazlitt, TheaDee, Diana Renoir, MrNoCal Honey, Samantha Poindexter, Kat Claxton, Xerxes Ninetails, and most of all to the lovely lady who's brought fun to our Sunday for years and years... Triana Caldera!

Acoustic Meadow/Relay for Life (06.24.12)

My first of two shows in Second Life on Sunday June 24 was at The Republic's Acoustic Meadow, where I'd been booked by Liz Harley to perform a full hour of original music as a benefit for Relay for Life (aka RFL). As all of you should know by now, I perform several times each year for RFL, which is the fundraising arm of the American Cancer Society.

Why do I play for RFL? I think it's pretty easy to understand. First, as a musician, one can use his or her talents in many ways. Some are selfish (i.e., getting paid to perform, having praise heaped on by fans, and so on), and there's nothing wrong with that. However, the scales of karma are best when they're even, and it's long been my opinion being gifted with the ability to sing and perform on an instrument merits some payback. Second, people need help, and if I can do something for cancer patients, even something small, simply by strumming a guitar and singing every so often, then what kind of person would I be to blow that off?

How did you spend your Sunday? Me? I cured cancer. Photo by Kat.

This particular RFL event had been set up with a cool theme: a full weekend of all original music from SL's artists who are also songwriters. Saturday's event was at Key West, while Sunday's was at Acoustic Meadow, where I'd never played before. It was cool; we had a good-sized crowd, and were very successful in the goal of the event (which was raising money, of course). I chose to play a mix of songs off my current album, and new stuff that I plan on having on the next album (whenever that gets done).

Kat and I relax in pixel form after my show. With another show to do later that evening, any time to get my energy back was appreciated. Photo by Kat.

Acoustic Meadown RFL Originals Set List...
You're Like a Cloud (Zak Claxton)
Always Tomorrow (Zak Claxton)
Broken Day (Zak Claxton)
Falling Down (Zak Claxton)
I Like You (Zak Claxton)
Thanks Anyway (Zak Claxton)
Let's Pretend That Everything's Okay (Zak Claxton)
The Sands of Redondo (Zak Claxton)
Perfect Girl (Zak Claxton)
Shine (Zak Claxton)

Big thanks to everyone who came out and supported the show by donating to RFL. You're all heroes!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Whisky a Go Go in SL (06.19.12)

Enjoying the hell out of my Tuesday night show at the Whisky. Photo by Kat, who apologizes for not using an SL viewer that doesn't turn mesh wearers into jellybeans.

Well, well, well. The pendulum of life swings erratically. The patterns are unpredictable at best. So, just because I had a pretty shitty time trying to perform at SL9B on Monday, there's no guarantee that my following show would be good, bad, or simply mediocre. That's not how life works.

However, my show on Tuesday night at the Whisky A Go Go in Second Life was fucking phenomenal. It's not because of the crowd, which was pretty light through much of the show (after all, there's a ton of big events going on right now in SL, and one can't expect to compete even on a normal night during the packed 6PM time slot). However, it was still one of the better shows I've ever performed over the 5+ years I've been gigging in SL for one simple reason: the music.

It was one of those nights where everything was working well. The songs -- several of which I'd intended to play the day before, had my show not been truncated -- just seemed to be right. I've made it a point to make each of my shows at the Whisky completely unique, and have yet to repeat a song that I've done there in my three weekly shows so far. And while my guitar playing was far from perfect, the vibe was still good. Finally, my singing voice, which is as a big a mystery to me as anything in terms of why it sometimes is great and other times sucks, was as good as I've ever sounded. I don't know why. I really don't.

But the upshot of all this is that I enjoyed the hell out of my own show, and the folks who were there all seemed to appreciate it as well. I couldn't be happier. The satisfaction of a well-performed show trumps every other reason that artists like me perform in SL, in my opinion. We all know it's not about the money or "fame", if you can call any SL musician famous in any way. So it has to be about something... and that something is how well one can do a live performance one can be proud of for no other reason than that it exceeded their own hopefully high standards.

I'd also like to extend some kudos to the Whisky staff. Like a few other SL venues I can name, like Molaskey's Pub, the Whisky staff are cool and experienced people who never give any impression other than professionalism. Cameron and the staff there are friendly people who always seem to have their shit together. I like that. Also, it's been nice having this regular slot before Annan Dreamscape. While our musical and performance styles aren't very compatible, I've enjoyed relaxing after my show to see her in the 7PM slot.

Whisky Set List...
Day After Day (Badfinger)
*The Crystal Ship (The Doors)
Time Never Waits for You (Zak Claxton)
I Am A Child (Neil Young)
Always Tomorrow (Zak Claxton)
Wonderwall (Oasis)
Tangerine (Led Zeppelin)
Accidents Will Happen (Elvis Costello)
Come Around (Zak Claxton)
Help Me (Joni Mitchell)
The Sands of Redondo (Zak Claxton)
Tea in the Sahara (The Police)
What I Got (Sublime)

*Indicates my first time performing this song in SL. It was really good, too. I'll be pulling that out again soon.

Big thanks to everyone who came to the Whisky to see me, including the following who all helped support my show!
Kat Claxton, Cicadetta Stillwater, Mia Kitchensink, TheaDee, Annan Dreamscape, Whisky DJ and manager Dmitri Polonsky, and Cameron Trenchcoat!

Monday, June 18, 2012

SL9B (06.18.12)

It would be silly for me to dwell on the extreme technical difficulties experienced during the opening of SL9B. Shit happens. The obvious downsides of a) not being able to teleport to the region, b) all but a few of the Zaksters not being able to get to the show, and c) not starting the show until 30+ minutes into my set all just are what they are... stuff that happens in a world where technology isn't quite capable of handling the needs and wants of the users. Nothing new there. Second Life just simply has never lived up to the expectations it set up in its users, and there's certainly no one to blame for that outside of the Lab.

Despite all that shit, I did get some music performed to open SL9B, and at least that part mostly went okay.

SL9B Set List
This Afternoon (Zak Claxton)
Man on the Moon (R.E.M.)
Falling Down (Zak Claxton)
Things Behind the Sun (Nick Drake)
I Like You (Zak Claxton)
If It Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow)
Thank You (Alanis Morissette)

I wish I could have seen some of this while I played. Nothing in the sim rezzed for me the entire time I played. Fortunately, Kat got some photos so I could check it out after the fact. Hopefully, I'll be able to go back and see more of SL9B after it mellows out later this week.

Thanks to the folks who tried to get to the show, and the folks who tried to put it on!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whisky A Go Go in SL (06.12.12)

Tuesday marked my second appearance at the Whisky A Go Go in Second Life. Those of you who have been following along already know that I've got a residency there for every Tuesday evening in June at 6PM.

I have to say, it's really a good place to have a show. Cameron Trenchcoat is an experienced venue owner in SL, and he knows just how to do his part to put on an entertaining experience for the folks who come there to see their favorite performers. As I mentioned last week, the Whisky in SL is a very authentic reproduction of the famous Hollywood music club, and I enjoy tailoring my set to keep the vibe in place. Since I'm playing there weekly, I made sure to play an entirely different set of songs than I played previously. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

"Well the clock says it's time to close.... now. Photo by Kat.

My view. Photo by Kat.

Whisky Set List...
Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)
Broken Day (Zak Claxton)
Rikki Don't Lose That Number (Steely Dan)
Falling Down (Zak Claxton)
Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie)
Perfect Girl (Zak Claxton)
Soul Kitchen (Doors)
Man of Constant Sorrow (Traditional)
Fade Away (Zak Claxton)
Love Hurts (Everly Brothers)
You're Like a Cloud (Zak Claxton)

Massive thanks to all who came out to the Whisky, with special thanks to those who helped support the show!
Jenna Dirval, Annan Dreamscape, Triana Caldera, Diana Renoir, Aurelie Chenaux, Kat Claxton, TheaDee, Sesh Kamachi, Christine Haiku, my manager Maali Beck, and the chief rockmaster at the Whisky, Cameron Trenchcoat!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Joshua Tree (June 2012)


We're home from another trip to that crazy, kooky, and beautiful spot in the Mojave Desert... Joshua Tree, CA. It was the third time that Kat and I took a 150-mile drive east across California (read more about the first and second times, if you want). This time, we brought our pal Bunny with us, making the trip all the more fun and silly. Here's a short travelogue about our vacation.

Thursday June 7
In the weeks preceding our trip, Kat had been feeling burned out, and I wasn't exactly feeling chipper either. The wear and tear of everyday life needs to be broken up by events that provide real memories, so we decided to take a trip to the desert. Our departure date was Thursday June 7. Bunny was dropped off at my place in Redondo Beach at about 2PM, and a short while later, we had Kat's Jeep packed to the gills with luggage, backpacks, musical instruments, and other stuff. After a quick stop to grab snacks and coffee for the road, we hit the freeway at 3PM and then stopped. On the freeway. See, there seems to be some rule that no matter what day of the week or time of day we depart on a vacation, traffic is going to suck badly, and suck it did. The 91E was basically jammed for the first 70 miles of our trip, but with Kat and Bunny there for conversation and a "desert rock" playlist cranking on the iPod, it wasn't that bad at all. It did turn what should have been a 2-1/2 hour drive into a 4-hour journey, so it was close to 7PM when we pulled off the paved road of Park Blvd. and onto the dirt roads leading into the Desert Lily. Carrie Yeager (more on her later) had left Casa Rosita open for us, so we parked the Jeep and unloaded our cargo.

After a short while of relaxing and enjoying the hell out of the quiet beauty of a pleasant desert evening, we forced ourselves to get back in the Jeep and made a run to the grocery store for provisions. We also stopped by Taco Bell and did a gluttonous festival of fast Mexican food for dinner back at the cabin. It had been a long day of working and then driving, and after showing off the amazing J Tree night sky to Bunny for awhile, we hit the hay, ready for the real fun to begin the following day.

Friday June 8
After a good night's sleep, we got up. Well, Kat and I did; Bunny tends to stick to vampire hours, and goes to sleep and wakes up rather late when he can. But we didn't let him sleep very long; there was an entire national park five minutes away from us. Kat made a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatoes, and bacon, and a short while later we slathered on sunblock, filled our backpacks with water, and headed into Joshua Tree National Park.

There's been a lot written about this incredible place, but no matter how many words you read or how descriptive they are, nothing really does justice to the actual experience of being there. Even after a good number of desert trips over the course of my life, I am stilled awed by the serene beauty each time I go. It's always just as good as the first time. Sometimes, it's even better. In any case, I'm not going to give too much space to the amazing landscapes and natural beauty of JTNP; look at the photos if you want to get a better idea of what it's like.

As usual when pulling into JTNP, we couldn't wait to get to the first stop we'd planned, and pulled into one of the many small roadside exhibits to marvel at the landscape. Soon afterwards, we made our first stop in the park at Quail Springs. After a short while of scampering around the rocks, we hit one of my favorite spots, Hemingway Buttress. Bunny is definitely an explorer, as I discovered quickly during this trip. We went further into Hemingway than we'd done in either of our previous trips, walking all the way to the rock face and then back around. After spending a good hour walking, oohing and ahhing, we went to what is always one of our very favorite spots in JTNP, Hidden Valley. We spent another hour slowly walking through the nature trail. By then, it was after 3PM, and the sun was really cranking. We decided to head back to the cabin to chill (literally) for a bit.

Bunny and I played guitars while Kat kicked back in the cool Casa Rosita. We managed to come up with a couple of cool chord progressions and riffs, and we actually remembered to pull out the mics and gear we'd brought for this specific purpose and record some stuff. Later on, it was the guys' turn to cook while Kat relaxed and drank some merlot. I made a three-cheese tortellini with pesto sauce, and Bunny made a delicious salad (who better to prepare a salad than a Bunny, I ask you?). After dinner, we once again marveled at the night sky show that the desert provides. In the very late evening, we connected the Wii to the TV and played some Mario Party 2. It was silly and fun, and a great way to end a magnificent day.

Saturday June 9
We knew that Saturday would be the perfect day to really delve deep into the park, so that's what we did after waking up leisurely and enjoying some bagels. There were a number of spots in the park that were on Bunny's wish list, and several of them included areas that Kat and I had never seen before. We were excited to get in there, but first we stopped inside the Desert Lily to see Carrie, the proprietor and innkeeper. She's a warm and wonderful person, and it's always like seeing an old friend when we visit her. While we were there, Kat remember to ask Carrie to make some dinner reservations for us that evening at Pappy & Harriet's, a famous food and live music spot in nearby Pioneertown.

Since we all wanted to check out the Cholla Cactus Gardens which was deep inside the park, we headed that direction first. We stopped briefly on the way to see Skull Rock, which indeed was a big rock that looked somewhat like a skull. Then we kept going. As we rolled along, we watched the external thermometer in Kat's Jeep keep climbing. Right about the point it hit 96 degrees F, we arrived. Whew! There's a big temperature difference between the higher and lower elevations in the Mojave. Cholla Cactus Gardens is interesting, and thankfully short, given the heat; I'd recommend you check out this spot in the early spring or late fall as opposed to mid-June.

We were a little cranky from the heat as we headed back toward the higher points of the park, but as we drove, we saw another area we'd never ventured to before: Split Rock. It seemed to have picnic facilities available, so we headed in, and it was great! We enjoyed our sandwiches and drinks we'd packed, and then wandered around the big rock formations and took some pictures. After that, it was time for some serious uphill driving, all the way to the highest easily-accessible point in JTNP: Keys View. We drove up to the 5000' point where Keys View overlooks the entire Coachella Valley. Even in the prevalent haze, the view is incredible. Bunny also enjoyed the marked change in flora, as the plants up there got more moisture in the cooler, higher altitude.

Back down at the bottom of the hill, we stopped at Cap Rock and cruised the short but fun nature trail there. After that, it was time to get back down to Casa Rosita to shower and get ready for dinner. We cruised up to Pappy & Harriet's, and were a wee bit early for our reservations, but they seated us quickly after asking if we minded being near the band (hell no we don't mind!). Take my advice: if you go there, glance nicely at the menu and then immediately order the rib eye steak. It's honestly one of the best steaks I've ever had in my life.

While we ate, we were treated to the sounds of The Far West, an LA-based country band that was really good. While Bunny, Kat, and I tend to lean toward the rock as our preferred musical style, we all appreciate well-performed music and well-written songs, and The Far West had both of those in droves. They were a tight band, and we all enjoyed their performance very much. I was practically seated on stage next to the lead guitarist, and even with my high standards, was impressed with his playing and the great tones he was coaxing from his Strat and Les Paul. The whole night there was terrific.

Back at Casa Rosita later that night, we once again turned to Mario Party 2 and some sky/moon watching for fun before hitting the hay (which somehow didn't happen until 2AM, making it a very late night for this Zakster).

Sunday June 10
We all slept in the next day... Bunny more than Kat or I, as you'd expect. After getting up and sadly acknowledging that today was our final day in the desert, we all enjoyed delicious omelettes a la Kat. After getting the cabin somewhat cleaned up and our stuff sort of packed, we headed straight back into the park and hit up both Quail Springs and Hemingway Buttress again. The day was gorgeous... it had cooled down gradually throughout our stay, and it was in the mid-80s and perfect on Sunday in the park.

Much to our dismay, time was moving much too fast and we had to go. One more trip to Casa Rosita to gather our belongings and give it some final clean-up, and then we hit the road, stopping for burgers as we pulled out of town. Unlike our trip there, the return drive was unexpectedly smooth sailing. We only hit a bit of traffic and made a stop for gas in Riverside, and then we were suddenly back home. After four days in the desert, the beach air around my home felt pretty good, I must admit. Since I'd driven the entire trip, I hopped out, and Kat took Bunny back home to the Valley.

The trip couldn't have gone better, and we got everything we wanted from it. I won't bother captioning the photos below; just imagine yourself in the most relaxed mood you've ever been in, at a place that is serene and beautiful as anywhere you've ever seen. Now you can add your own captions.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Whisky A Go Go in SL (06.05.12)

Those of you who've read this blog for awhile know that I always welcome opportunities to perform at places that are new to me. There are numerous reasons for this; the obvious one is that people tend to hang out at certain venues in SL, and if you dont play there, chances are high they might never see you. Makes sense. But on a more nebulous basis, I tend to pull out songs that seem appropriate for each particular place and its crowd, so every new place I play allows me to refocus my repertoire in ways that keep me from getting bored.

All this is good, and so was my first show at the Whisky A Go Go in Second Life. For over a year, I'd been chatting with the owner of the place, Cameron Trenchcoat, about playing one of his places in SL. Due to scheduling conflicts and so on, we never were able to get it together, so I was particularly happy when my manager Maali Beck worked out a deal with him for me to play the Whisky. The place is a very cool build because both inside and out, it very much resembles the real world-famous Whisky, a club in Hollywood, CA. It's always a cool experience when you go somewhere in SL that is based on a real-life location, especially when the builder has obviously gone through efforts to impart the vibe of the location. The Whisky definitely qualifies as such; having been in there many times, I felt like I was right there on Sunset Boulevard when I got onstage in SL.

As per above, I chose a set list that paid homage to the famous era of the real-life Whisky back in the late '60s, and also pulled out a few new tunes as I like to do whenever possible. It felt like a good smattering of original and cover tunes. I'll likely be taking a similar approach for my next shows at the Whisky; I'm slated to perform there every Tuesday evening in June, so if you missed the first one, there are plenty of others you'll be able to catch!

Nice seeing my name on top of the marquee at this world-famous club, albeit the digital version. Photo courtesy of Cameron Trenchcoat.

Rocking the Whisky. Photo by Kat.

People seem to be having fun. Photo by Kat.

Looking forward to my next show at the Whisky! Photo by Kat.

Whisky Set List...
This Afternoon (Zak Claxton)
*If It Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow)
Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)
*Save Me (Aimee Mann)
Thanks Anyway (Zak Claxton)
Alabama Song (The Doors)
Rock and Roll Woman (Buffalo Springfield)
Welcome to the Machine (Pink Floyd)
Oh Susannah (Traditional, arranged by Zak Claxton)
Thank You (Led Zeppelin)
*I Like You (Zak Claxton)

*Indicates the first time I've performed this song in SL.

Huge thanks to everyone who came to my first show at the Whisky in SL, especially those who helped support it!
Triana Caldera, TheaDee, Kat Claxton, GMetal Svartur, ThisisCin, Jenna Dirval, Annan Dreamscape, Rollin Petrolhead, my great manager Maali Beck, and Whisky owner Cameron Trenchcoat!