Thursday, December 10, 2009

The media loves the Zak!

Am I allowed to say "Holy shit!" here? I think I am. Sorry to those offended by either shit or holiness.

I went across the street to the Bean Counter, where I'm hosting my album release party tomorrow, Fri 12/11/09, at 7pm. I wanted to discuss a few small details with the staff (like, "Where are you going to move that cream/sugar station so it's out of my way?" and so on). While I was there, I noted that the new issue of the local free rag, the Beach Reporter, was out. So I picked up a copy, hoping that they'd printed a small listing of my show.

I walked all the way back home... well, across the street, anyway. And I flipped to page 54, where their Billboard section was listed. I started scanning the little listings and was disappointed to not see my name listed among the events happening in the South Bay area where I live. And then, my eyes drifted a couple of inches to the right, which is when the aforementioned, "Holy shit!" erupted unbidden from my mouth. It was loud enough to cause my cat to jump off the couch and find a place to hide from his suddenly insane owner.

Next, I ran to Kat's place and showed her (whoo-hoo!). The I ran back across the street to the Bean Counter to show them (Wow! No way!). And then back here to show all of you. Whew.

I'm not a big seeker of either fame or fortune, but it sure is cool that the paper would run a giant photo of me along with my show announcement. What a great feeling to open the newspaper and see myself! And not even in the crime section!

Holy shit!

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