Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This week's "New to Me" SL Tour

Every so often, I seem to forget everything I ever learned. Like, my son comes home from school and asks me about dividing fractions for his math homework, and I'm put in the position of telling him that ever since I was able to gain access to a calculator, I never bothered retaining this information.

Same thing with live music performances. Let it be known that I love all the venues in Second Life where I perform time and time again, such as the Notes Shack or Fibber Magees, and so on. They're great, and I have fun there. But when my goal is to continuously expose new audiences to my original music, and I've said time and time again that the only way to ensure this happens is to play at new venues in front of new crowds, I still manage to forget to make the effort to get booked at places I've never played before. D'OH!

Well, we're putting an end to that, and we're doing it now. Introducing the Zak Claxton "New to Me" SL tour, with three consecutive shows at venues that have never hosted me before now.

1. WEDNESDAY FEB. 24, 7:00PM SLT: THE BACK PORCH (Click here for SLURL)

I haven't been doing very many evening shows lately, and this one is a 7pm show. It seems like a nice enough place, and the person who booked me for the show was very sweet. She asked only that I keep the show clean, which contrary to popular belief, I am quite capable of doing. Remember, throughout my entire album, never is heard a discouraging word. It's true. Stop fucking laughing at me!

2. SATURDAY FEB. 27, 2:00PM SLT: GRID ROCK (Click here for SLURL)

Grid Rock calls itself the "Roughest club in SL", and I'm not sure what to think of that. Should I show up in leather? Should I come armed? In any case, it can't possibly be rougher than some of the clubs I've played in real life, where I once had to end a set early when a knife fight broke out in the parking lot. But I do believe it will be fun... the place is run by Ozzie Maggs, who seems to know how to have a good time. I'll be bringing the rock to Grid Rock, I promise.

3. MONDAY MAR. 1, 12PM SLT: BUY ME A ROSE (Click here for SLURL)

This place seems to be an outdoor mall kind of venue, which is fine with me. I'm probably the only person on the planet who gets claustrophobic from being inside a virtual room on my computer. Sigh. Anyway, this venue seems to be run by cool people, and I'll be doing my standard set of originals and covers as I see fit at the moment. And yes, it really is called Buy Me A Rose, but please don't ask me for any roses while I'm playing. Gotta keep both hands on the guitar, you see.

So, that's the plan for this week. Three venues that are new to me, over the next five days. Hope to see some of you there!

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