Friday, February 13, 2009

The Rhinovirus Blues

Here's a little between-show update for ya.

You may have noticed I had to do an extremely rare show cancellation last Sunday, when I was supposed to have played Cafe Diego. I think I'll be excused when you understand that the hideous rhinovirus managed to find its way into my upper respiratory system and negate the possibility of my performing live music.

Yes. I had (cue ominous horns here): the common cold. And I still do, actually, but I seem to be over the worst of it. I'm going to start trying to sing a little this coming weekend, and by my upcoming show next Tuesday 2/17 at 1:00PM (my debut at The Jester Inn), I should be ready to get back to my high standards of Zak Rock.

In other Zak-related news, I'll be soon scheduling my next recording session, trying to keep the ball rolling for the album release in 3-4 months. We have some great songs still to get recorded, and some that have been recorded but need to be mixed ("Thanks Anyway" and "Always Tomorrow" will be really great to hear when they're ready).

In the meantime, I'm somewhat enjoying this very rainy Friday the 13th, and wish you well until we meet again.

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