Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SL News reports on ZC album release event

I woke today, and before I'd even had my first cup of coffee (which, incidentally, I'm still waiting on), I stumbled across something that made me quite happy: an article in the SL Newspaper on my in-world album release party from 12/18/09!

Ah, here's my coffee. Much better. Whew! Okay, I can think and write and stuff now.

In the article, writer Shellie Sands goes into detail about each song on my album, based on my explanations during the release event. That event, as you may recall, was different than anything I've ever done in SL in that I was not performing the songs live, but rather playing them back from my album like a DJ, and talking between each tune to tell my crowd some of the stories about writing, developing and recording the songs.

Shellie really captured the vibe of the event well in the article, with such detailed notes as, "The sixth track is "Sands of Redondo," one of the longer tracks, featuring drummer Bunny. Zak's home town is Redondo Beach, and he grew up as a surfer . The song is about his experiences going out on the rocky coastal areas and surfing in the more dangerous waves. At times he thought he would not make it back up to the surface and thought he would die. Of course, he didn't and attributes that experience to believing he could do anything. He credits the vibe of the song to Led Zeppelin."

Read the entire article here!

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