Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coming soon: San Diego SL Jam & Meetup (Feb 25-27)


A few months ago, I started hearing the whispers of plans being made for a Second Life music jam and meetup in San Diego, CA. Well, I was interested on a number of levels.

There have been a number of meetups and jam sessions for SL musicians, but none have them have been in places that are easily accessible for me. As a full-time Dad and a small business owner, it's no mean feat for me to take time off and galavant about the country in order to rock with people. Still, one previous event in particular really grabbed my attention: the fall 2009 SL jam in Texas. It looked like a whole lot of fun, and there were a number of SL musicians there who I'd been friendly with over the years. Since they broadcast the event both in SL and on video via Ustream, it was very fun watching the real-life personas of my musician friends rocking together on a little stage.

Since then, there have been other SL jams that I'd have loved to attend, but were too far away to really consider. But this time, the event is only a two-hour drive south of here. So, I've confirmed my appearance there, and my lady Kat and pal Triana Caldera will be joining me there. Triana, in fact, is flying out from Minnesota just for this rockfest. That's dedication!

Why Don't You Come Too?
Trust me: no matter where you are in late February, San Diego is going to be better. If you think that hanging out near the Pacific ocean while some of your favorite SL musicians play live right in front of you sounds fun, here's your chance to find out for sure! While final arrangements and schedules are still being made, you can register for the event here, and get hotel and other info as well.

The current list of confirmed musicians as of this date are as follows:

• Tamra Hayden (Tamra Sands)
• Taunter Goodnight
• Zak Claxton
• Duncan Ramer
• Grif Bamaisin
• Eva Moon
• Lyndon Heart
• Max Kleene
• Mankind Tracer
• Raspbury Rearwin
• Dakota7z7 Pluto

Along with a bunch of SL music fans!

If You Can't Come In Person...
It's still going to be a lot of fun. Like the Texas jam, the San Diego event will be a big in-world three-day concert which will also be broadcast in audio/video. I'll make sure to update you with any info on this as it becomes available. Keep your weekend plans for Friday Feb 25 through Sunday Feb 27 open!

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