Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Day on Abbey Road (02.02.13)

I was chilling here on Friday, having just completed a pretty grueling business trip and the necessary follow-up, when my lovely manager Maali Beck pinged me on Facebook. Having been completely removed from what was happening in Second Life since the start of the year, I hadn't heard about the big Beatle event that had been planned by the folks who run the Boom Pony venue. So, when Maali asked if I could perform at the event the following day, I was completely thrilled. Based on the short notice, I correctly figured I'd be filling in for someone who couldn't make it, but I didn't mind one bit... the idea of jamming Beatles covers for a half hour was way too cool!

The caliber of artists at the event was spectacular. I performed after Max Kleene, and Noma Falta was up after me, so I quite correctly assumed there would be a rather large audience there. It was really fun, since I don't often do those huge SL shows, and the whole aspect of having a sea of avatars in front of me is a welcome sight every so often. Other artists playing at the event included Amforte Clarity, Twinghost Ronas, Pete Mroz, Tamra Hayden, and others. I was certainly in good company.

I loved the detailed decor of the Abbey Road-themed venue, right down to the Fab Four walking across the street in front of the stage. Photos by Kat.

All you need is love... and a big crowd of people who like what you're playing. Photo by Kat.

Even on the short notice, I knew I had to do some cool stuff for the occasion, so I did a couple of Beatles tunes I'd never done before. Funny side note: my show was supposed to be for 30 minutes (2:30-3:00). However, due to a missing artist, Max's set had to cut off short and I started 15 minutes early, so I did some last-second shuffling and adding to my own set. It came out fine, regardless.

Day on Abbey Road/Boom Pony Set List
*Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! (Beatles)
Strawberry Fields Forever (Beatles)
Nowhere Man (Beatles)
*Dear Prudence (Beatles)
She's Leaving Home (Beatles)
I Am the Walrus (Beatles)
Across the Universe (Beatles)
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (Beatles)
Lovely Rita (Beatles)
A Day in the Life (Beatles)

*Indicates the first time I've performed this song in SL.

Big thanks to everyone who helped support my show at "SL Beatlefest"!
Richy Nervous, Ayesha Lytton, AlaskaJoe, Alecto Pyrithea, Tamra Sands, Kat Claxton, Mike Hamlin, my manager Maali Beck, and Boom Pony owners Kiran Sporg and Andi Karsin!

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