Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Random Notes (02.13.13)

1. Hello.

2. Live Show. I am performing for the first time at the Boom Pony in Second Life on Friday night (Feb 15) at 7PM. If you're a Zakster, this would be a great show to come see. If you're not a Zakster, this would be a great show to become one. As always, the show is free, but here's your ride to get there.

3. Dorner. I'm not going to devote much space to this, not here anyway. As you may have heard, I live in the neighborhood that the LAPD and Torrance Police Department mistakenly turned into the O.K. Corral on Thursday of last week. I can't condone the actions of Chris Dorner, or anyone who murders other human beings regardless of the circumstances. It horrifies and disgusts me. That having been said, I hold our law enforcement agencies to the same standards, and a lot of disturbing stuff became once again apparent to me as I watched it all unfold. We tend to imagine our species as being very advanced and highly intelligent, but we prove ourselves time and time again to be nothing more than another bunch of animals, and perhaps worse than those who seem to value life more than we do.

4. Inspiration. As part of my job, I interview rock stars very often. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing a guy no one knows. He has stage 4 kidney cancer, and the reality is that it's very unlikely he'll be around in a year or two. At age 52 (less than a decade older than me), he's facing certain death in a short time frame. But guess what? He was upbeat and positive, and thankful for what he's received in life. He's still setting goals. He's still enjoying the act of making music. While I still reserve the right to whine about stuff that would make many people roll their eyes, I feel a renewed commitment to making the most of the limited time I have here on this measly little planet. He ended our talk with the following quote:

“Cancer may kill me, but in no fucking way will it ever beat me."

Thank you, Gerard, for your perspective.

5. Woe Is Me. I will now immediately contradict myself by complaining about the fact that I am in pain. Yesterday afternoon, while watching the coverage of the end of the Dorner saga with nervous apprehension, I decided to turn my energy in a positive direction by working out with free weights. I do that every day, but in a reasonable way. On a typical day, I'll do perhaps 30 repetitions, in several sets of 10 reps. Well, I probably did 100 or more reps. Everything was fine, and I felt good about pushing myself harder during the workout. Today, I feel like I've been beaten with tire irons and baseball bats about the chest and arms. I'm having trouble lifting a coffee cup to my lips. Sweet lord, if you're listening, bring me some ibuprofen.

6. That's It. I could keep going with various random shit all day, but I am also in the midst of some busy times at work, and will now devote my attention in that direction... after the Advil kicks in. Ow. Ow.

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