Saturday, November 10, 2018

Zak's Autumn Playlist 2018 - Episode 8

It feel like a month has gone by since last Saturday morning when I posted the previous episode of my Autumn Playlist. If you look at all the things that have transpired since then, it almost seems impossible that only seven days have passed. Nevertheless, here we are, on a Saturday morning where the rising sun is tinted bright red via smoke from the still-raging fires here in Southern California. Hopefully this playlist will bring some mellow and introspective vibes to all who listen. Each week throughout Fall, you get five songs in chronological order that have, for me, the feel of the season. Here's Episode 8.

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1. Elton John: “Your Song” (1970)

2. Desertshore: “The Town Alight” (1994)

3. Yo La Tango: “Our Way to Fall” (2000)

4. Junip: “Don't Let It Pass” (2010)

5. Joanna Newsom: “Sapokanikan" (2015)

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