Monday, November 24, 2008

All quiet on the turkey front

Since I'm in a little lull between shows (I start picking up my show schedule again this coming Saturday and throughout December), I thought I'd drop you a little off-topic blog. No need to thank me.

I am faced with a conundrum. Haven't done a show since last Sunday, but I don't like feeling rusty. What I think I'll do is put on a little surprise Zak Show at one of my own places (Coyote, Neil Young Archives, or NYA Stage, or even Kat's Inspiration Cove island), perhaps sometime on Wednesday. The way I figure it is that a lot of people will have very little to do on that day, and may want to hop into world for some entertainment that doesn't involve family, football, or turkey. So, that's filed in the "maybe" folder for now.

Speaking of turkey, I have volunteered to be the host of Thanksgiving this year. I have a nice new place that I moved into in September, so I invited Gramps, my sister, and her daughter over to join me, Kat, and my son (and his mother, unfortunately) for feasting. It was after I extended the invite that I realized I was desperately short on things like dining room chairs, serving trays, and even enough silverware for seven people. That's why on Saturday, despite my grumblings and intense whining, I went with my son and Kat to that loveliest of luxury retailers, Target, and bought a bunch of crap. Actually, it wasn't all crap at all. I got some chairs, some new flatware, new sets of dishes, new glasses, and various random things that would fit in my cart on the way to the checkout line.

Then yesterday, on Sunday, it was time to tackle the food portion of the feast. Got my bird, which will very likely fit into my tiny oven (I'll make that sucker fit, no worries), and all the trimmings. Of course, I forgot the cranberry sauce, bread rolls, and whipped cream, so there's at least one more grocery run involved before T-Day. And I don't have any wine glasses, so I suppose I'll need to get those too. But all in all, it should turn out to be a good holiday. And above and beyond all of that crap, I'll awaken on Friday morning -- the best food day of the year -- and be wallowing in turkey sandwich fixin's.

Oh man. I look forward to that more than anything.

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