Monday, November 10, 2008

Studio session coming this weekend!

I am FINALLY getting back into the studio this weekend, and I can't wait!

This recording session was originally scheduled for the beginning of September, but due to difficulties with Team Zak's schedule, we couldn't get it together for a couple of months beyond the original plan. But there's no better time than the present, so off we go to Sound Sanctuary Recording out in lovely Riverside, CA.

The plan is to record two ZakTunes: "Always Tomorrow" and the rarely-performed "Sands of Redondo". Kat will be accompanying me to the studio, and will be capturing some photos and video. My usual compatriots, Phil O'Keefe (engineering, co-producing, additional vocals/instruments) and Bunny Knutson (drums, creative inspiration), will be joined by a special guest this time... my pal Ken Lee! We're not quite sure what contribution the Giant Asian Guy will make, but it's bound to be good.

Next week here on the Zak Blog, we'll post some stuff from the session.

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