Thursday, November 20, 2008

Facebook: I was wr... wr... wro... mistaken

Well, I feel like a doofus. There's nothing new about that, but the particular reason for my doofusness of the moment is that I'd assumed that Facebook was pretty much just another version of MySpace. This is what happens when you form an opinion about something before you actually look into it. Like, "All hip hop sucks," or "Second Life is for losers who don't have a first life," and so on.

Anyway, my friend Jace had been up my ass for a long time trying to get me to join Facebook. I'd told him in no uncertain terms that the last thing I wanted to do was add yet another social network tool, and that I was already being notoriously poor about the upkeep of my MySpace page, and so on. Jace very patiently told me how Facebook actually provided a lot of Web 2.0 tools that actually saved time, as opposed to wasting it. I was still very unconvinced, and basically started a Facebook page to spite him.

And, of course, as I started looking into it, I become intrigued. "Hey, it can automatically pull in my blog posts. That's neat. hey, it sees my YouTube activity. Cool. Hey, I can export my SL events to my Google Calendar. Sweet." And so on and so forth.

So, here I am to freely admit that I was way wrong about Facebook. It's actually very cool. There. I was wrong. Mark your calendars. And by the way... feel free to send me a friend request if we're friends, or acquaintances, or if you kinda know me, or even if you don't!

And thanks again to Jace who, by the way, become my first Facebook friend shortly thereafter.

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Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

by the way, in Facebook, there's a group called "all hiphop sucks"
... I don't plan to join... cause hip hop hippy to the hip hop a rockin and ya don't stop a rockin' till the boogie that the boogie dat be.