Sunday, July 26, 2009

Recording Session V: 7/25/09

When some musicians go into the studio, their greatest fear is that their music will lose something in the translation of being produced and recorded. I continue to marvel at how without exception, my songs have become better each time I've gone in to work with Phil O'Keefe at Sound Sanctuary Studios. I mean, not "a little better than I expected". I mean that the songs grow, bloom, thrive there in Phil's studio.

Another terrific day of recording yesterday. We did the drum and bass tracks for both "Fade Away" and "Waiting for This" on Saturday July 25. We also got in a few guitar tracks and a great keyboard by Ken, but by then it was getting close to midnight, we were having a few technical glitches, and it was time to wrap up the day. We'll be going back into the studio one last time to finish vocals and other overdubs.

I'd like to give public kudos to my hero Bunny, who did "Waiting for This" (a six-and-a-half minute song) in the very first take, flawlessly. That blew my mind. It was a terrific day, and we're one step closer to having this whole thing wrapped up. :)

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