Friday, February 18, 2011

More news on the San Diego SL Jam (Feb 25-27)!

Ready to rock? The SL San Diego Jam is just a week away!

We are just one week away from what's shaping up to be an AWESOME weekend of live music and fun. As I previously wrote, I'm taking part in the San Diego SL Jam & Meetup, which starts just one week from today on Friday Feb 25. Here are some fun facts about the event:

1. DATES: February 25-27, 2011.

2. WHO IS PERFORMING: Confirmed artists include Tamra Hayden, Taunter Goodnight, Zak Claxton, Duncan Ramer, Grif Bamaisin, Eva Moon, Lyndon Heart, Max Kleene, Mankind Tracer, Raspbury Rearwin, and Dakota7z7 Pluto.

3. WHAT'S ON THE SCHEDULE: A bunch of SL musicians getting together, many for the first time, to have fun and make music together. On the evening of Saturday 2/26 from 6PM-midnight, the artists will also be putting on individual shows covering a wide range of musical and performance styles. Other times will include jams between various SL artists, with lots of unpredictable and fun times.

4. HOW TO SEE IT IN PERSON: The entire event will happen at The Hampton Inn, 3888 Greenwood St., San Diego, CA 92110. Tickets for the whole weekend are just $50, and special tickets for Saturday night's series of shows which are open to the public and media are just $10 at the door. All tickets may be purchased here:

5. HOW TO SEE IT IN SL: Appropriately, the event will be held in SL at the San Diego City sim! Here's your LM for the whole shebang:

6. HOW TO SEE IT ON LIVE VIDEO: Much of the event will be broadcast live on Ustream, and can be viewed for free by anyone who wants to check it out. Here's the Ustream link for the event:

I will also be doing occasional live updates on my Twitter and Facebook feeds, so stay tuned to find out more about what's happening and when!

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