Friday, May 18, 2012

Tomorrow: "The Wall"

Unlike "Mother" from the Pink Floyd album The Wall, my mom is cool. Last November, she called me and said, "I think I have a good idea for a Christmas present for you and Christina, but I wanted to run it by you first."

I said, "Well, I'm sure whatever you give us will be-"

"Shh," she said, being not known for unnecessary politeness or sentimentality. "If I get you tickets to see Roger Waters do 'The Wall' next May, would you want to go?"

"Um... hell yeah!" I replied, not doing much to hide my enthusiasm.

So that was six months ago. Well, time goes by, and here we are in mid-May, and tomorrow, Kat and I will head over to the L.A. Coliseum to see Mr. Waters put on his show that, by all accounts, is incredibly spectacular.

Young Lust
From the moment I discovered The Wall in my teens, I was a huge fan of PInk Floyd. The Wall, both the album and the movie, is what sucked me in. Like any good fan, my love for the band and its music caused me to look backwards and forwards from that point, and I soon became familiar with everything from the Syd Barrett-era Piper at the Gates of Dawn all the way through the version of the band that David Gilmour ran with after he and Roger had their infamous split. But it was definitely The Wall that opened my eyes -- and brain -- to the wonder of Floyd.

The Happiest Days of Our Lives
I've seen Floyd before. Last time was on their tour for the "Momentary Lapse of Reason" album, back in 1994 or so. It was a great show, but something tells me that this will be quite a bit more amazing. It's probably the most expansive stage set for a rock show in history. They say the projection parts are worth the price of admission alone.


In the Flesh
So, tomorrow's the big day. The show starts at 8PM, but with all the craziness of being downtown, getting into the parking area and all that, Kat and I will probably take off several hours before then. In any case, we are ready for a damn good time. Apparently our seats are in the "these completely do not suck by any definition" zone, so we'll let you know how it was after it's done (assuming our brains don't melt during the show itself... it could happen).

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