Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Available Now: "Beacon" by Claxton & Larson

I'm very happy to announce that "Beacon", the song that Jon Larson and I created as a tribute to people who have been impacted by gun violence, is now available for listening and download via Bandcamp. 100% of the proceeds from sales of "Beacon" are being donated to March For Our Lives Action Fund, the fundraising effort created by the heroic survivors of Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.


Since the debut of the song this morning, we've received a number of wonderful comments, as well as coverage on Second Life-focused blogs like New World Notes and Magick Thoughts. I think that a good number of the people who've enjoyed the song so far appreciate the message/cause of the song as well as the song itself. I know I'm pretty proud of the result of this collaboration, and Jon and I had a really smooth and easy time putting the song together.

What The People Say...

"I got my copy. Have you gotten yours? It’s something special."
- Meegan Danitz

"I'm humbled by the song and the spirit in which it is written. Gave me chills, guys. Thank you for doing you like you do."
- Ren Enberg

"A great tune for a great cause by my very talented friend Zak Claxton."
- Ernest Buckley

"I love you, man."
- Ken Lee

"Beautiful, gentlemen! Thank you!"
- Dennis Mac Namara

Huge thanks to everyone who's listened to and purchased the song, and supported this incredibly worthy cause! If you haven't done so yet... do it now!

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